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Trees of Beaver Lake

This is a list of the more common trees located around the lake and on the nature trails.

Flamboyant Trees

Black Cherry: The fruits may be eaten. The wood is used for furniture, veneers, tool handles, and small wooden wares.

Dogwood: The wood of the dogwood is used for tool handles, machinery parts and barrel hoops. Wildlife enjoys the fruit of this tree.

Redbud: The flower can be eaten plain or in salads or pancakes. The wood is too small for commercial use.

Serviceberry: The fruits have been used for pies, puddings, and muffins. The wood is used for tool handles.

Local Trees

Bitternut Hickory: The nuts are bitter. In the old days the oil from the nuts was used in lamps and as a medicine for rheumatism.

Eastern Red Cedar: May live to 350 years of age and is the most widespread conifer within North America. Cedar oil is used for novelties and chests.

Post Oak: Wood is used for furniture, fencing, and flooring. The tree is easily identified by the cross shaped leaf.

Red Oak: Wood is used for crates and ties and the tree may live to be 150 years old. The bark of the root was used by Indians for medicinal purposes.

Slippery Red Elm: Indians used the inner bark for making ropes and cords. The outer bark was used as canoe shells. Wood is used for furniture or paneling.

Shagbark Hickory: Many Indian tribes used the nut to make cakes. A cord of this wood is equivalent on thermal units to a ton of anthracite coal. Wood is used for charcoal, tool handles, and baskets.

White Oak: Wood is used for timbers, furniture, flooring, and interior finishing. As with all oak trees, the acorns produced are a valuable food source.